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Gatcha Box List - Febuary 2019

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Ultra Rare Items: 

20746.png.fd8f48826a2b6897411fda6786bc4e96.png Rudra Wings


Rare Items:

  • Costume Angel Marcher Hat
  • Costume Vicious Mind Aura
  • Costume Blessing of Angel
  • Costume Decoration of Time
  • Costume Eyes of Ifrit



Uncommon Items:

  • Costume Invisible Cap
  • Costume Invisible Sunglasses
  • Costume Crimson Booster
  • Costume Invisible Flu Mask
  • Costume Clear Sun
  • Costume Alive Ten Gallon Hat of Flame
  • Costume Crow Tengu Mask
  • Costume Banshee Master Kiss
  • Costume Blank Eyes
  • Costume Choco Donut in Mouth
  • Costume Chilly Breath
  • Costume Baphomet Hat
  • Costume CD in Mouth
  • Costume Beelzebub Crown
  • Costume Bunny Eggshell


Common Items:

  • Costume Butterfly Wing Ears
  • Costume 12 Anniversary Crown of Saint
  • Costume 12 Anniversary Elf Ears
  • Costume 3D Glasses
  • Costume Style Bloody Wings
  • Costume Alpaca Hood
  • Costume Amistr
  • Costume Analyze Eye
  • Costume Ancient Elven Ears
  • Costume Angel Mini Silk Hat
  • Costume Ascension Black Dragon
  • Costume Aura Quartz
  • Costume Ayothaya Hat
  • Costume Baby Chick
  • Costume Baby Dragon Hat
  • Costume Bell of Piegon
  • Costume Blinker
  • Costume Blood Sucker
  • Costume Blue Brain Hat
  • Costume Camouflage Rabbit Hood
  • Costume Circlet of Bones
  • Costume Coiledup Snake Hat
  • Costume Coati Hat
  • Costume Carnation Headband
  • Costume Cube Mask
  • Costume Darkness Helm
  • Costume Drooping Aliot
  • Costume Frozen Rose
  • Costume Gang Scarf



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