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Patch Notes - Monthly Maintenance

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Maintenance finished.

Update lists:

  • Special Chinese New Year Events ( Click me for Information )
  • Killing monster now will give you 1% chance to get Event Ticket.
  • World Boss Events ( Click me for Information )
  • Donation Event (info coming soon)
  • Promote Event (info coming soon)
  • Floating Rates 70x - 90x, changed every 6 hours.
  • Added Dice Events.
  • Grape Juice added in Tool Dealer at maintown.
  • Added more music for some maps.
  • Fixed some announcer events and hourly.
  • Added more items on event points changer.
  • Atcommand auto on / off (autoloot, rates, etc)
  • Added #main #trade #support in-game chat and connected to discord for chat history.
  • Added playtime npc.
  • Added helper npc.
  • Hunting mission now disable MVP/Mini-Boss/Semi-Hard Monsters.
  • Hunting mission abandon now only will delay you 1 hour.
  • /memo command is now fixed.
  • Client can multi client unlimited.


Gatcha box List: 



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